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TRUE BLUE BEANS, INC. is pleased to announce a new Escrow Service available to
all Beanie™ collectors. The advantages of an Escrow Service are clear: both Buyer
and Seller are assured that the product is authentic, and that payment will be made in
a timely manner. Concerns of Buyers wary of purchasing a Beanie™ from an unknown
Seller, and non-delivery of the product are eliminated. Sellers are protected against
fraudulent forms of payment and/or non-payment. Simply put - Buyers receive the
product that they have paid for; and Sellers receive payment. When in doubt, use
Escrow for a secure and safe purchase.


All Escrow transactions are governed by the Escrow Instructions. When initiating a
transaction, you will be asked to agree to the Terms & Conditions outlined in the Escrow

A $10.00 Escrow Fee will be charged for each transaction.

Sellers are to return a properly completed Escrow Form, the Beanie(s)™ to be held in
Escrow, and the signed Authentication Submission Form per the shipping instructions.
Payment in the form of Money Order or Cashier's Check payable to TRUE BLUE BEANS
should be included for the Escrow and Authentication Fees, Return Shipping, Return
Insurance and remittance of Buyer's payment.

Once TRUE BLUE BEANS has received the Beanie(s)™ and payment from the Seller,
TRUE BLUE BEANS will notify both parties of the authenticity of the product.

The Buyer will then have seven (7) business days to send payment to TRUE BLUE BEANS
in the form of a Money Order or Cashier's Check MADE PAYABLE TO THE SELLER for
the amount of the purchase.

Once TRUE BLUE BEANS has received the payment from the Buyer, both parties will be
notified. The Beanie(s)™ will be shipped to the Buyer, and the Money Order/Cashier's
Check will be sent to the Seller.

If the Beanie(s)™ are determined to be counterfeit, both parties will be notified. The
Authentication and Escrow fees will be retained by TRUE BLUE BEANS, and the
Beanie(s)™ returned to the Seller.

If either party agrees to pay all expenses, regardless of the outcome, that Party must
notify TRUE BLUE BEANS via EMail at or telephone at
630-848-1191. All expenses must be paid to TRUE BLUE BEANS before the Beanie(s)™
are released.

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