Who Authenticates My Beanies™?

Each Beanie Baby® sent to True Blue Beans, Inc. is personally examined by BECKY ESTENSSORO.

How Much Does The Authentication Service Cost?

Depending on the type of service, the price is $15.00 for full authentication (this includes an acrylic case and certificate of authenticity) or $3.00 for economy authentication (no case or certificate of authenticity is included). Click HERE for a listing of the Beanie Baby® Submission Price List. The shipping charges are $11.00 for the first Beanie, and $1 for each additional Beanie sent in. Insurance is optional. Complete instructions can be found on the Submission Form and in the Terms and Condition section.

Will My Beanie™ be safe?

YES! When your package arrives it is immediately logged into our database, and each Beanie™ is safely stored and handled throughout the authentication process, along with a copy of your Submission Form. TRUE BLUE BEANS has had many years of experience handling collectibles, and we use every precaution when handling your Beanie™.

How Long Will It Take to Authenticate My Beanie™?

Excluding weekends, Beanies™ are generally received and shipped back to the sender within one to two weeks.

How Will I Know That My Beanie™ Has Been Authenticated?

Once your Beanie™ has been evaluated and determined to be authentic; a tag protector will be placed on the heart tag, it will be Ultra Sonically Sealed in a clear acrylic case, and a Certificate Of Authenticity prepared by BECKY ESTENSSORO. The Certificate Of Authenticity will allow us the capability to track the Beanie™ in the future. Your Beanie™ is then prepared for shipping back to you.

What If My Beanie™ is a counterfeit?

If your Beanie™ is determined to be counterfeit, an Authentication Rejection Form prepared and personally signed by BECKY ESTENSSORO will accompany the Beanie™ back to you. The Rejection Form will state the reason(s) your Beanie™ did not pass the authentication process, and will include the Beanie™ name, heart and tush tag generation, and an embossed TRUE BLUE BEANS seal.

What Do I Do If My Beanie™ Is Counterfeit?

TRUE BLUE BEANS chooses not to enter into any disputes that may arise between a buyer and seller. If your Beanie™ is determined to be counterfeit, our advice is that the buyer contact the seller and offer him/her the opportunity to resolve the situation.


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