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Due to the continuing infiltration of counterfeit BeaniesTM and swing tags in the marketplace, I have been evaluating different security products in order to provide all True Blue Beans customers the highest quality, innovation, and secure product available today. We all understand the challenges of collecting Beanie Babies® today, and I feel that the impending changes will fulfill all your requirements.

I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, all Beanie Baby® and BeanieTM Buddy cases will be sealed by ULTRA SONIC WELDING using DuKane UltraSonics welding equipment. Although Ultra Sonic Welding is not a new technology, it is relatively new to the BeanieTM World. It uses high-frequency sound waves or vibrations, and when applied to a particular part it creates frictional heat and causes the plastic to melt and join. The end result is a truly TAMPER RESISTANT case!! This procedure will not detract from the appearance of the BeanieTM or Buddy, because the only visible indication of the weld is a tiny bead of bubbles.

I am very excited about the changes that I have made so far, but I haven't finished yet!! More innovative changes are scheduled very soon, and you can continue to "Expect The Best" from True Blue Beans.


Becky Estenssoro
True Blue Beans, Inc.

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