Authentication Process

What happens to my Beanie™ when I send it to True Blue Beans?

When your package is received at True Blue Beans, a cross check is completed to ensure that the number of Beanies™ received is the same as the number entered on the Submission Form. Each Beanie™ is then assigned an individual Certificate Of Authenticity number, and entered into our database.

The Swing Tag is of equal importance and is checked for the following:

Gold Trim
Hole Punch
Style Number

Lastly the Tush Tag is examined for the following:

Color Of Printing
Copyright Date

Once a Beanie™ is determined to be authentic, a tag protector is placed on the swing tag, and the Beanie™ is brushed to remove any lint. It is then placed in an acid-free, clear acrylic case, and is ULTRA SONICALLY SEALED using the DuKane UltraSonics Welding Machine.


An embossed (True Blue Beans) Certificate Of Authenticity includes the authentication date, Beanie™ name, swing and tush tag generation, style number, comments if applicable, and a signature of BECKY ESTENSSORO is enclosed with each Beanie™.

The Beanie™ is then carefully prepared for shipping, and returned to the sender via UPS unless otherwise directed.

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