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True Blue Beans does not authenticate upside down buttons, noses or pins on Beanie Babies - nor do we authenticate USA bears without the flag. In addition, True Blue Beans will no longer authenticate signed Beanie Babies, unless they are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Ty. This does not apply to well known signed Beanies such as the Billionaire Bears or the #1 Bear.

All Beanies $15/each

All Attics - All Boppers - All Oddities - All Commemoratives $15/each

We DO NOT Authenticate Beanie Boos.

Differences Between Full and Economy Service




  • Beanie is placed in a tamper resistant acrylic display case with COA attached.  The case is sonically welded shut.
  • Beanie is placed in a zip lock style bag
    with a sticker that states "authentic" or "counterfeit"
  • A certificate of authenticity is adhered to the bottom of the acrylic display case
  • NO certificate of authenticity is assigned to the Beanie. No voidable stickers are used
  • Voidable stickers are used
  • NOT Tamper-Resistant
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Can NOT be resold as “Authenticated”
  • Can be resold as Authenticated
  • This service is used if you just want to know if your Beanie is real or not. This does not imply your Beanie is considered “Authenticated”. This service is NOT tamper-resistant.
  • This service is used so you know that your Beanie has been examined
    by a professional Authenticator.
Cost $3.00

 Cost $15.00




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