Why True Blue Beans?

Counterfeiting has become an all to frequent experience for Beanie™ collectors across the country; and has taken its toll on collectors and the secondary market. To combat the ever increasing existence of forgeries and fakes that are entering the market, BECKY ESTENSSORO has gathered years of research and experience to provide an authoritative authenticity service called TRUE BLUE BEANS. Becky's commitment to the collectors, dealers, and secondary market will insure your Beanie™ is a TRUE BLUE Beanie™.

Know YOUR beans…Are they

Authenticating is only as good as the people doing the work. As one of the most trusted names in the Beanie™ business, BECKY ESTENSSORO provides the experience, reputation, research, and guarantee needed in today's market.

A personal review and inspection of every Beanie Baby® by

Beanies™ are sealed and numbered, and come with a
Certificate Of Authenticity.

A guarantee of authenticity that may help increase the value
of even modestly priced Beanies™.

Authoritative authenticity to help protect the dollar value on
your investment and collection.

Unmatched credentials and documented research.

Years of experience in Beanie™ collecting.

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