Know YOUR beans…
Are they TRUE BLUE?

Counterfeiting has become an all-too-frequent experience for Beanie™ collectors. To combat the ever-increasing existence of forgeries, fakes, and tampering that are entering the market, True Blue Beans utilizes their years of research and experience to provide a reliable authentication service. 

The Beanie Babies Price Guide is the simplest and quickest way to value your Ty Beanie Babies and sell them for bigger profits!

Step 1: Select a Service

Choose between Full Authentication Service or Economy Service.

Step 2: How Many Beanies™?

When selecting, the quantity will be the total number of Beanies™ you wish to run through the process.

Example for 5 Beanies™

Step 3: Complete Submission Form

Download the SUBMISSION FORM and submit it completed at checkout to provide information on the Beanies™ that you will be sending in.


per Beanie Baby

*Customer is responsible for shipping to True Blue Beans.  Return shipping will be calculated at check-out*

Our Full Authentication Service Package, provides that your Beanie is placed in a tamper-resistant acrylic display case with COA attached. The case is sonically welded shut. 

This service is used by those wanting their Beanie™ sealed in a tamper-resistant case. This service helps buyers & sellers protect their investment.


per Beanie Baby

*Customer is responsible for shipping to True Blue Beans.  Return shipping will be calculated at check-out*

The Economy service, provides that we process your Beanie by placing it in a zip lock style bag with a sticker that states “authentic” or “counterfeit”.

This service is used if you just want to know if your Beanie is real or not. This does not imply your Beanie is considered “Authenticated”. This service is NOT tamper-resistant.


Authentication Process

What happens to my Beanie™ when I send it to True Blue Beans?

When your package is received at True Blue Beans, a cross-check is completed to ensure that the Beanies™ received match the Submission Form. Each Beanie™ is then assigned an individual Certificate Of Authenticity number, and entered into our database.

Why Authenticate Your Beanies?

Proof That Your Beanies Are True TY Beanies

Our authentications are accepted world-wide as proof of it being an authentic Ty Beanie by the majority of online sites and payment processors. This helps protect your investment on both the selling & buying side of the hobby

Have your beanies professionally sealed

We sonically weld our cases shut. This protects your collectible and creates a beautiful display piece.

Received a Certificate of Authenticity

Our COA is attached to the case so no more lost certificates! Your COA number is unique to your Beanie.

About True Blue Beans

True Blue Beans is the #1 authentication service chosen by collectors. We have our clients best interest at heart and it shows. TBB has been around for over 20 years. We provide a clear & decisive decision about your Beanie. Our 2 experts have been in the hobby since the beginning and their expertise is unmatched.

Countering Counterfeits

Due to the continuing infiltration of counterfeit Beanies™ and swing tags in the marketplace, we are continuously evaluating different security products in order to provide all True Blue Beans customers the highest quality, innovation, and secure product available today.

We all understand the challenges of collecting Beanie Babies® today, and we will stay on the cutting edge in order to fulfill all your requirements.

All Beanie Baby® cases will be sealed by ULTRA SONIC WELDING using DuKane UltraSonics welding equipment. It uses high-frequency sound waves or vibrations, and when applied to a particular part it creates frictional heat and causes the plastic to melt and join.

The end result is a truly TAMPER RESISTANT case!! This procedure will not detract from the appearance of the Beanie™ or Buddy, because the only visible indication of the weld is a tiny bead of bubbles.

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