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Becky Estenssoro

BECKY ESTENSSORO is one of the undisputed, world-renowned authorities on all things Beanie™.

Co-author/editor of the Beanie Mania books and magazines, Becky Estenssoro is responsible for creating the first Beanie Baby price guide and system to record the differences in tags, later to becalled “tag generations”. Becky has been an expert in examining Beanie Babies for almost 2 decades and is owner of True Blue Beans Authentication Service.

She has also been a guest speaker on many TV and radio talk shows including CNN/Fortune, CBS News, CBS This Morning, Fox News, WGN; and has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and the LA Times. Literally tens of thousands of Beanie Babies have passed through her hands after many years of research

Karen Boeker

Karen Boeker is a recognized and respected member of the Beanie community as an educator, counterfeit expert, researcher, co-editor of Beanie books, and analyzer of values.

Karen’s vast experience stems from having collected since Day 1 in 1994, to being creator and moderator of several Beanie Baby news and forum sites. She has written in depth informational articles over the years, on all things Ty. She has worked closely and been a protégé of Becky Estenssoro’s authentication service for more than 20 years.

When research is needed, Karen is one of the ‘go-to’ people, and has been interviewed by Vice, Business Insider, The Houston Chronicle and an upcoming HBO documentary. She has appraised collections for USAA, State Farm, AIG and other insurance companies.

Her main passion continues to be educating collectors about counterfeits, the tampering and altering of beanies and their tags. Karen is an asset to the world of Beanies and all who visit it.

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