Who Authenticates My Beanies™?

Each Beanie Baby® sent to True Blue Beans, Inc. is personally examined by one of our two experts.

How Much Does The Authentication Service Cost?

Depending on the type of service, the price is $15.00 for full authentication (this includes an acrylic case and certificate of authenticity) or $5.00 for economy authentication (no case or certificate of authenticity is included). Click HERE two see Authentication services offered for Beanie Baby® Submissions. The shipping charges are $12.00 for the first Beanie, and $2 for each additional Beanie sent in up to 8. Insurance is optional. Complete instructions can be found on the Submission Form and in the Terms and Condition section.

Will My Beanie™ be safe?

YES! When your package arrives it is immediately logged into our database, and each Beanie™ is safely stored and handled throughout the authentication process, along with a copy of your Submission Form. TRUE BLUE BEANS has had many years of experience handling collectibles, and we use every precaution when handling your Beanie™

How Long Will It Take to Authenticate My Beanie™?

Excluding weekends, Beanies™ are generally received and shipped back to the sender within one to two weeks.

How Will I Know That My Beanie™ Has Been Authenticated?

Once your Beanie™ has been evaluated and determined to be authentic; a tag protector will be placed on the heart tag, it will be Ultra Sonically Sealed in a clear acrylic case, and a Certificate Of Authenticity prepared by Becky Estenssoro or Karen Boeker. The Certificate Of Authenticity will allow us the capability to track the Beanie™ in the future. Your Beanie™ is then prepared for shipping back to you.

What Do I Do If My Beanie™ Is Counterfeit?

If your Beanie™ is determined to be counterfeit, an Authentication Rejection Form prepared and personally signed by Becky Estenssoro or Karen Boeker will accompany the Beanie™ back to you. The Rejection Form will state the reason(s) your Beanie™ did not pass the authentication process, and will include the Beanie™ name, heart and tush tag generation, and an embossed TRUE BLUE BEANS seal.

What Do I Do If My Beanie™ Is Counterfeit?

TRUE BLUE BEANS chooses not to enter into any disputes that may arise between a buyer and seller. If your Beanie™ is determined to be counterfeit, our advice is that the buyer contact the seller and offer him/her the opportunity to resolve the situation. However, our rejection forms usually suffice for payment disputes or online ecommerce sites.

Is there anything you won’t authenticate?

At this time we cannot authenticate the larger sized Ty items such as Beanie Buddies, medium & large size Beanie Boos, the larger Ty Attic Treasures and most Ty Classics. We also will not authenticate Beanies with upside down buttons, USA Bears without the flag or upside down noses. We also cannot authenticate the McDonald’s Teenie Beanie International Bear promos that are on card stock.

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