Economy Service


Per Beanie
  • Fully examined by a professional authenticator
  • Beanie is placed in a zip-lock bag
  • A True Blue Beans sticker is adhered and will state authentic or counterfeit
  • Voidable stickers are used
  • Is NOT tamper-evident or resistant
  • Is NOT considered authenticated
This service is used if you just want to know if your Beanie is real or not. This does not imply your Beanie is considered “Authenticated”. This
service is NOT tamper-resistant. Your Beanie will be inspected by a professional authenticator.

True Blue Beans does not authenticate upside down buttons, noses or pins on Beanie Babies – nor do we authenticate USA bears without the flag. 

At this time we are not authenticating Beanie Buddies or items above 9” in height. We will not authenticate Beanie Boos Prototypes. We can not authenticate the McDonald’s International Bears that are on the card stock. If you have any questions about your Beanies just send us a message and we will reply asap.

All Attics – All Boppers – All Oddities – All Commemoratives $15/each
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