True Blue Beans is relocating. We will be closed from January 6th until February 15th. You may submit your order but please do not mail packages until February 15th.
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Authentication Process

What happens to my Beanie™ when I send it to
True Blue Beans?

When your package is received at True Blue Beans, a cross check is completed to ensure that the Beanies™ received match the Submission Form. Each Beanie™ is then assigned an individual Certificate Of Authenticity number, and entered into ourdatabase.

The Swing Tag, also known and the Hang Tag or Paper Tag, is of equal importance and is checked for the following:

The Tush tag, also known as the Sewn In or Fabric Tag is examed for the following

Tag Generations Have A Direct Impact On The Value Of Your Beanie Babies!

Once a Beanie™ is determined to be authentic, a tag protector is placed on the swing tag, and the Beanie™ is brushed to remove any lint. It is then placed in an acid-free, clear acrylic case, and is ULTRA SONICALLY SEALED using the DuKane UltraSonics Welding Machine.

An embossed (True Blue Beans) Certificate Of Authenticity includes the authentication date, Beanie™ name, swing and tush tag generation, style number and comments if applicable.

The Beanie™ is then carefully prepared for shipping, and returned to the sender via UPS unless otherwise directed.

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    True Blue Beans Announcement

    TBB is relocating. All orders must be received by January 6, 2023, in order to be processed before the move. If they are received after that date, they will not be processed until mid-late February 2023.

    We will update with a new shipping address shortly. Please keep in mind that we will not arrive at our new location until February 12th, 2023, and it would be best to wait to ship new orders after that date.

    Thank you for your patience during this transition.